Trees – finding the right tree for your garden

When planting a garden, trees should be one of the first things to go on your planting list. Trees are vital in even the tiniest of gardens because they provide structure and form and can create a sense of scale in the garden.

The range of trees available from garden centers and nurseries is so vast that choosing just a couple of trees for a small garden can be difficult.

So before rushing out and buying the first tree you see it’s best to start by asking yourself a few simple questions, such as: What do I want the tree to do? Do I want it to attract birds by providing food and nesting places? Will it screen unsightly views or perhaps provide a shady spot for people and/or plants? Should it be deciduous or an evergreen? How big should it be in 20 years? How fast do I want it to grow?

Once you’ve decided what role the tree will play in your garden, you can begin to narrow down your search to a manageable number of possibilities.

A good garden center or nursery will be able to help you with your selection and you can get lots of ideas from books, websites and by visiting gardens.

Once you know what kind of trees you want then you can do the fun bit and go shopping. Here’s our recommended suppliers for garden trees.