DragonFly Hill Daylilies are known as the perfect perennial with rebloom and good plant increase. There is a variety to suit any garden. They can also be grown in pots for colour on a terrace or balcony. Growth of daylilies vary with evergreen, semi evergreen and winter dormant varieties. Growth can be tall, medium or short with bloom size varying from extra large blooms down to sweet little miniature flowers. DragonFly Hill Daylilies are a rewarding plant adding color and brightness to any garden and once you have planted them they continue to increase for years to come. Flowering usually commences in early Spring with plants continuing to send new flower scapes into Autumn, There are some daylily cultivars that continue to send up flowering scapes for an extended period of time even during the winter months. The daylily plant grows well intermingled with other flowering plants and in cottage garden beds or any spare space you might be able to find.


 Gardens Really Do Grow friends!

We would like to thank everyone for their support during the 2017 daylily season. We have made many new friends this year and look forward to serving you in the Spring of 2018. Be sure to visit the website regularly as we will be updating with new offerings. Shipping should begin the early part of April, again depending on weather.

Our Region 14 members supported us with a large turn out despite the soaring gas prices. We were blessed beyond measure with kind words and friends willing to go above and beyond to help make the Regional Meeting a success.


Hemerocallis Hybrids

We grow hybrid daylilies (hemerocallis hybrids), hostas, Siberian irises and grasses for ornamental gardens. Hybrid daylilies that stand up under zone 5 conditions will also likely do well in many other locations.




Our hybrid daylilies are superb in a natural setting with other flowers in all ornamental gardens and for any level of gardening experience. Height ranges from 12″. Hybrid daylilies range in color from white.


Dallas Hardy Daylilies

We provide excellent service and high-quality hardy daylilies. We grow over 220 different hybrids, along with hundreds of other Dallas hardy perennials. We believe that hybrid daylilies are an easy-to-grow.



Beguiling feminine flowers of soft pink have violet to bluish eyes and edges. We have used DONNA GIBSON extensively in breeding because it is a dormant. We are getting interesting violet colors on hardy plants from it.